Hey ewe!

Welcome to Purrl Kitten, I'm Nicole & I'm so glad you are here!

(Like, milky tea & chocolate glad ... which is to say, quite a lot)

Before we get into getting to know me & Purrl Kitten, Lets talk a little about you.

Firstly, if you made your way here, you are clearly an awesome gal(or guy!) but here is what I know about you.

Colour Addict

You are the type of person who loves colour, the bolder the better. Mixing and matching bright bold hues in fun & exciting ways helps you to show off your personality. You love browsing colour palette sites such as design seeds or Coolors and pinning colour mixes that speak to you.

Happy Young Woman with bright coloured balloons

Punny Person

You are a pun master, they may say that puns are the lowest form of humor but you relish in getting the chorus of groans around you. Puns & play on words always get a chuckle out of you. You may only be the only one who appreciates your puns but you will still make them anyway.


Young Woman leaning against a wall

Stylish Knitter

When it comes to knitted garments & accessories such as scarves & hats you want them to still look stylish & trendy. You stalk Ravelry for patterns that are modern & stylish looking but still allow your personality to shine through. Simple designs with fun textures or colour-play excite you.

Cat Lover

When you say you are an animal lover, you know you like animals but cats have a special place in your heart. You may have a fur baby of your own or visit your friends house just to pat their cat. When at a party, you can usually be found in the corner petting the resident cat.

Purple Spinning Fibre

Stash Collector

You are the type of person that buys yarn & fibre when you see it knowing that you must have it & it will speak to you as to what it wants to be in its own time. You like having a stash of supplies there for when the mood strikes or inspiration has you running to get started on on a new project.

Little Geeky

You would consider yourself slightly geeky. Whether you are into Star wars, D’n’D or Stargate you have your rituals such as your weekly Dungeons & dragons campaign session or watching the new episode of your favourite TV show that you will not compromise.

If this sounded familiar, then you are in the Purrfect place

So who are we?


So who are we?

Purrl Kitten is an artisan yarn company trying to take knitting stereotypes and flip then on their head.

Purrl Kitten is also dedicated to helping knitters find stylish patterns and help you to look trendy while wearing your hand knit items (because let’s face it, what is the point of knitting a zillion cowls if you never wear them).

With our bright bold colours, you can play with simple knitting patterns and allow the colours & your personality to shine. Mix & match our colours to your hearts content whether it is creating a custom fade or a vibrant multi colour knit.

Knitting has the perception of bad sweaters, crazy old cat ladies and frumpy unstylish designs … let’s change these.

Meet the crew


Owner & Indie Dyer

 I'm Nicole & I am addicted to colour and yarn

I am addicted to colour, cats, milky teas & crafting (spinning & knitting in particular). 

When not knitting or dyeing, I can be found watching Critical Role or any Sci-fi series, reading a young adult book in the sun while trying to get cuddle from my furbaby & on Thursdays, can be found playing as Orianna; my D'n'D Warlock.


Quality & Product Inspector

Meow, meow, purr ... purr

When not inspecting products to give the cats paw of approval, Trixie can be found contorded in weird positions trying to get in the last of the sun, taking over her mother's mouse pad or demanding chin rubs from arm length away.

The Purrl Kitten Story

The Purrl Kitten Story

I have always been a crafter & knitter (I guess that comes from a very creative mother) & grew up with my mum owning an art & craft store and then a yarn dyeing business a few years later. This filled me with the entrepreneurial spirit and was forever coming up with my next big business idea such as flower pot charms. A bead and wire decoration that hooked over the rims of terracotta flower pots. (It is safe to say that idea didn’t take off) 

 It wasn’t until many years later, when I studied Computer Graphic design, that I realised that I loved colour and mixing them together. After helping my mum out years earlier with yarn dyeing, I decided to combine my love of colour with my passion for knitting. I learnt to dye yarns. 

 As I grew up and became more into knitting as a teen & young adult that I realised that companies didn’t really care about my age group. They only cared about the babies, young children and the older markets. I didn’t feel like there were companies that spoke to me.With Purrl Kitten, I wanted other people, who were like me to have a yarn company that speaks to them & knows what they like. I also wanted to tackle the classic stereotypes of knitting; That knitting is for Grandmas & that knitted items are frumpy and unstylish. 

Sure there are certainly some ugly knitting patterns but we both know that these stereotypes are wrong. Let's show the world that younger knitters exist & that knitters can be stylish too!